Vernon Neppe MD, PhD, FRSSAf,  DFAPA,  FFPsych, FRCPC
What does the leading expert in Déjà vu have in common with a Psychiatrist, Neuropsychiatrist, Behavioral Neurologist, Forensic Specialist and a Psychopharmacologist? Everything! Dr. Neppe encompasses all roles, and has become world renowned in both science and medicine. In addition to his thirty plus years in research, Dr. Vernon Neppe is the Director of the Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute in Seattle, Washington, as well as,  (Adjunct) Professor  of Psychiatry at the St Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri. He is also the author of the acclaimed books, Innovative Psychopharmacotherapy and Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope.

Professor Vernon Neppe has gone onto provide the most comprehensive research to date on déjà vu. He has written a series of books which serves to educate, stimulate and expand the minds of all who read them. Dr. Neppe has further provided both scholar and lay reader with not only the most up to date work in the area and made it easy to read, but also supplements his extensive works with a glossary and library to assist easy reading. These books are available in a PDF format, and interface the wide orbits of related psychological, psychiatric, neurological, phenomenological, parapsychological and literary concepts. His Trilogy of 3 déjà vu books cover the history the literature, the research, the key concepts and the core articles, on the medical, psychological, neurological, phenomenological, parapsychological, literary disciplines, and classic studies.
Prof. Lewis Hurst called Dr. Neppe's original book : "One of the major works of scientific and imaginative genius of our time."

Vernon is also an internationally renowned Phenomenologist and Dimensional Biopsychophysicist. What is that? Listen … and find out… but it has to do with Dr Neppe's contributions to subjective paranormal experience, parapsychology and anomalistic psychology.

Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope
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