paranormal radio show
Peter James
Dr Barry Taff
Melinda Rodriguez
James Hatcher
Dr Jimmy Lowery
June 10 , 2007 Show with Peter James
July 1, 2007 EVPs & Interview with James Hatcher
June 24, 2007  Interview with Br Barry Taff
paranormal radio
July 15, 2007 Interview with Melinda Rodriguez
Trish Woods
July 22, 2007 Interview with Trish Woods
July 29, 2007 Interview with Dr Jimmy Lowery
Dr. Vernon Neppe
August 19, 2007 Interview with Dr Vernon Neppe
Denice Jones
August 12, 2007 Interview with Denice Jones
August 26, 2007 Peter James 2 hr special tribute
Tribute To Peter James
Jeff  Belanger
September 9, 2007 interview with Jeff Belanger
Dr. Vernon Neppe, World's Leading expert in Deja Vu
September 9, 2007 part 2 interview with Dr Neppe
Bob & Phran Ginsberg, Forever family foundation
September 16,2007 interview with Phran Ginsberg
Charles Adelman Anthem Pictures
September 23 ,2007 interview with Charles Adelman
Debra Pickman "The Sallie House"
September 30,2007 interview with Debra Pickman
Fiona Horne " Ghost Encounters "The Queen Mary"
October 7, 2007 interview with Fiona Horne
Robert Brown "World renowned Psychic Medium"
October 7, 2007 interview with Robert Brown
Jack Rourke "Psychic Medium"
October 14,2007 interview with Jack Rourke
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Trish Woods "Psychic Medium"
October 28, 2007 Interview with Trish woods
Dave Schrader "Radio show host"
November 4, 2007 interview with Dave Schrader
James Hatcher "Paranormal  investigator"
November 4, 2007 interview with James Hatcher
Pamela Heath MD. "Physician, Parapsychologist, Artist, Author, Psychic"
November 11, 2007 Interview with Pamela Heath
Gary Val Tenuta  Author of  "The  Ezekiel Code  "
November 18, 2007 Interview with Gary Val Tenuta
As you can see from our archive selection, rP.O.R.T.A.L. Paranormal Talk Radio is your source for the latest happenings on haunted houses, hauntings, paranormal investigations, paranormal research, paranormal events, UFO's, ghosts, spirits, and mediums

Portal's archives is one of the most exciting collections offered by any paranormal radio show.  At your fingertips is a diverse group of guests who are considered to be authorities in paranormal research and paranormal investigations.  Add to the mix, your personable hosts, Tuesday Miles and Angela Thomas you will find a plethora of paranormal shows that cannot be beat.

This archive of paranormal radio shows is offered for your convenience. so that you can listen to the latests and greatest n topics such as mediumship, haunted houses, UFO's, and ghosts to name a few.

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Angelina Diana Psychic
November 25, 2007 Interview with Angelina Diana
Dan & Sandi Southern Calif Paranormal  Society ... paranormal investigators
December 2,2007 interview with Dan & Sandi
Marti & Michael Parry  Spiritart
Pasadena Paranormal Research Society
December 16, 2007 interview with Marti & Michael Parry
Syd & Trisha Schultz II ... Pasadena
Paranormal Research Society
December 23, 2007 interview with Syd & Trisha Schutlz
Dr. Miceal Ledwith Co-Author of The Orb Project  .. Featured in the documentary Orbs : The Veil is lifting
December 30, 2007 interview with Dr Miceal Ledwith
Jack Rourke, Psychic paranormal researcher
January 13,2008 interview with Jack Rourke
Michael & Marti  Parry
January 20,2008 interview with Michael & Marti Parry
Ryan Buell Paranormal State
January 27,2008 interview with Ryan Buell
February 10, 2008 interview with Dr Vernon Neppe

Dr Vernon Neppe
Has appeared on show  more than once,  ... returning guest.
February 17, 2008 interview with Psychic Joanne Gerber
Joanne Gerber International Psychic
Dan Gordon Haunted Baseball
March 2, 2008 interview with Dan Gordon
Jack Rourke Psychic Medium ,
March 9, 2008 interview & guest co-host
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Joey & Jill Korn ::::: Dowsing
March 16, 2008 interview with Joey & Jill Korn
Jackie Salvitti
Syd Schultz ,
Pasadena Paranormal Research Society
March 30,2008 interview with Jackie Salvitti
April 6, 2008 interview with Syd Schultz
Donna Jackson, Psychic, evp specialist
April 13, 2008 interview with Donna Jackson
Barb Powell , Animal Communicator
April 20, 2008 interview with Barb Powell
Echo Bodine, Psychic , Author, Teacher
October 17, interview with Echo Bodine
Lorraine Warren, Demonologist
Along with Tony Spera
May 4, 2008 interview with Lorriane Warren
Bonnie Vent, Psychic Medium
  paranormal investigator
May 4, 2008 Interview with Bonnie Vent
Patrick Burns  Tv.. ghosthound
May 11, 2008 Interview with Patrick Burns
Scotty Roberts, Artist , Tarot reader
May 18, 2008 interview with Scotty Roberts
May 18, 2008 interview with Cathy & Chris
Cathy & Chris twin Psychics
Robert Brown, Medium
May 25, 2008 nterview with Robert Brown
Rick Hayes , Spirit Communicator
June 1, 2008 interview with Rick Hayes
Jeffrey Wands, World renoun
Psychic Medium
June 6, 2008 interveiw  with Jeffrey Wands
Jack Rourke, Psychic paranormal researcher, actor

June 20, 2008 interview withJack Rourke
Chip Coffey & David Miller
June 27, 2008 Interview with Chip Coffey & David Miller
Derek Acorah Psychic Ghost hunter TV show star
June 29, 2008 interview with Derek Acorah
Richard Senate Historian, ghost hunter
July 11, 2008  interveiw with Richard Senate

Rita Berkowitz ,Spirit artist
July 18 2008 interview with Rita Berkowitz
Michael Keene, Vision's
July 25, 2008 interview with Michael Keene
Dr. Deborah Richard-Foulkes
August 1, 2008 interview with Dr. Deborah Richard-Foulkes
August 8, 2008 interview with Peter Victor
Peter Victor
Angela Diana, would renown Psychic Medium
August 15, 2008 interview with Angela Diana
Tommy Nast, beloved brother of Peter James would remoun Psychic Ghost hunter
July 25, 2008 interview with Tommy Nast
Nadine LaLich, Co-Author of book
Alien Experiences.
August 22, 2008 interview with Nadine LaLich
AnnaMaria Hemmingway, Author
August 29, 2008 interview with Anna Maria Hemmingway
Hollister Rand Psychic Medium
September 5, 2008 interview with Hollister Rand
Hollister Rand, famous all over the world for her Psychic Medium readings, tonight she shares the responsibilities in Medium ships how to connect with your loved ones who have passed.

Angelina Diana, one of my favorite psychic Mediums, she is so kind and just inspirational with the messages spirit gives to her.

Peter Victor is a Hypnotherapist and Meditation Specialist. He shares the benefits of hynotherapy and meditation.
Reincarnation Dr Deborah speaks about her story of research that a family member is an actual reincarnation of another.
Updates on his brother Peter james book release
Michael Keene shares with us the paranormal super natural stories out of his new book, , some really spooky stories.
Rita is an amazing gifted Psychic Medium and artist , she scetches her spirits as she communicates with them
Ghost researcher, and a amazing historian,known all over the world for his famous research with ghosts
Derek Acorah famous Psychic Medium in the UK< TV star shares with us what the ghosts are like in the United Kingdom, excellent show
Very popular TV star, Cable Star, Chip is a regular on Paranormal State, and his own show Psychic Kids, David Miller fills in for a few minters for Chip while he finishes filming on location with Psychic Kids.
We open the phones lines for Jack Rourke to take our listeners calls, he connects with a special young man for one of listeners whom lost her son.
Jeffrey TV star Psychic , seen on the Maury Povich show's many many times, he is also well known all over the world for his Excellent communication with spirits.
Rick speaks about his Psychic work, his ghost hunting, and more importantly his inspirational speaking he does, he is an amazing person with such positive light
Fifteen minutes after we opened up the phones line for this very famous Psychic Medium, the phone lines shut down with over 5, 000 listeners calling in
Twin psychic & ghost investigators
Writer of childrens books, tarot card reader, joins us to talk about how he gets his ideas for writing
Patrick Burns Court TV star, shares with us his lastest updates on his show Haunting Evidence.
Bonnie Vent, is one of the busiest ghost hunters, Psychics, writers, she also stays up on all the paranormal news out there.
Lorrine warren joins us for the first hour, well known demonoligist, her son in law Tony Spera joins us for the second hour
Famous all over the word for her Psychic & healing work, Echo shares with us her newest book
Barb Powell isn't just a Psychic she has this amazing gift to speak to animals, join us as she helps our listeners with animal problems
Excuse my mess, under construction
Excuse my mess, under construction
Mark & Debbie Constantino
October 10, 2008 Interview with Mark & Debbie Constantino
Debbie & Mark Constantino, it is agreed by many Mark & Debbie are the best when it comes to recorded dead peoples voices, tonight they share with us some of the recordings.

Nadine La Lich, a well respected business women, that no body would of guessed she also was a life time alien contactee & abductee, tonight she talks about her new book out... excellent show

Dave Schrader, host and producer of Darkness on the edge of town, he talks about working with the famous ghost hunters and what is up & coming on his show.

Evp expert Donna Jackson shares with us her awesome ghost voice recordings
Calif's finest paranormal investigation team owner
Jackie shares with us her contact with aliens and the healing she does through them
The korns in my opinion have mastered what dowsing is all about, they share with us how to use dowsing equipment
Jack Rourke, filled in for Tuesday Miles, Jack talks about the responsible of a Medium, how to stay on that positive path, and ghost hunting
Jack Rourke, He calls him self a Mental Psychic, he also does paranormal research, he is an awesome Psychic, and I must add very handsome, and humble
Dan Gordon, left no baseball field behind when he discusses his new book he co- wrote, who knew how haunted baseball fields truly are, during this show we had a ghost yell into the phone, after the analyzing the avp, a ghost women said, stop it leave me alone !!
Joanne Gerber is a psychic Medium to watch out for, an amazing reader....
Dr. Neppe shares with us his  newest book, Cry the beloved mind, along with his up and coming PSI experiments.
Director of the hit show paranormal state Ryan stops bye to talk about the new series psychic kids
Amazing team of Psychic Mediums, where Marti draws the spirit her husband Michael communicates with
All about Orbs" are they spirit
Jack joins us with his reading skills and his inspirational messages he brings
Syd & Trish shares with us all about ghost hunting equipment and the uses for it
Back by popular demand, Michael Shares with us the famous spirits he has communicated with
Dan shares with us his dvd children of the grave and the evp's they got in a very famous cemetery
Angelina Diana , Psychic Medium opens up our phone lines for our listeners to recive readings.
Gary joins us to talk about his new book and the year 2012 The Mayans predict the end
Pamela is such an amazing talented person, she shares with us those who have died from suicide, and how it affects them on the other side.
James hatcher is no stranger to ghost hunting and writing, he shares with us the journey of his new book and the wisdom of his ghost hunting adventures
Trish Woods, Psychic Medium treats our listeners to some of her fantastic readings, she talks about the role of the medium with insight on the do's & don't.

Robert Brown famous all over the world, if your lucky to book an appointment with him to have a reading done consider your self lucky, we opened the phone lines for listeners to call in, maybe to get read and with in 20 secs the phone lines jammed with over 5,000 listeners calling in

Fiona Horne , she is one of the prettiest witches out there she shares with us her new book she has written about the cult, and her role in her coven
Debra Pickman, is one brave women, after her and her husband Tony move into this home, they never dreamed evil was lurking, tonight Debra shares with us what these mean ghosts did to them tormenting them to leave the house fast.

Charles Adlemen Director & Producer of the new film about the Queen Mary located in Long Beach Calif, he shares with us what it was like working with the late Peter James and his new movies out.

Bob & Phran Ginsberg, share the updates on their spiritual foundation and the stories on how the foundation has helped others get through grieving. They are amazing people who help so many.

Dr. Vernon Neppe, is one of our returning guest. He is an amazing writer researcher and he has a doctrine in just about every field there is, He is the leading expert on Deja  vu.

Jeff Belanger, owner of one of the largest ghost community out there, author to about 14 books plus now, he shares with us his ghost travels, Jeff is an awesome guest he just loves to tell his great stories.

Tribute to Peter James .. one year after his death we pay tribute to this man

Dr. Vernon Neppe, is one of our returning guest, he is an amazing, writer researcher, he has a doctrine in just about every field there is, He is the leading expert on Deju vu.

Denice Jones share her & her sons amazing story of demon possession, after having many many exorcisms done on her son the media took notice, tonight she shares her and her sons story.

Dr. Jimmy Lowery, he is no stranger to the radio waves having his on successful radio show for years now. Dr Jimmy also is a respected paranormal investigator Dr Jimmy shares with us the negative side of ghost hunting.
Trish Woods, Psychic Medium treats our listeners to some of her fantastic readings, she talks about the role of the medium with insight on the do's & don't.

Melinda Rodriguez is in my opinion one of the best Reiki healers out there, I myself have had Reiki treatments from her, Melinda is also know through out the states as a spiritual drummer... she is amazing

James hatcher is no stranger to ghost hunting and writing, he shares with us the journey of his new book and the wisdom of his ghost hunting adventures
Dr. Barry Taff... known all over the world for the Entity case he worked on, Dr Taff shares with us the new research and and important information about seizures & poltergeists.

The Late Peter James, known for his famous Ghost hunting & his Psychic work, the is the last interview peter ever did before passing
AnnaMaria talks about her book near death experiences, stories from others who have had this experiences, and the after affect it had on them
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